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Javier Diaz 
Coppell, TX
Monday, 16. October 2006 11:16 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

We as a family are saddened by the news of Freddie's death. While our fathers and uncles grew up next door to him in Harlingen and Los Indios. They picked the same cotton and migrated to some of the same areas in Texas.

For the children in the family we can remember the barbcues that played your beautiful music and the dancing, singing, and great time of our parents, friends and family.

My dad still has one of your 8 track tapes that he can still play on an 8 track player.

You are truly an inspiration for what you accomplished in your life.

You will be missed not only by the man you were, but because of the legacy you leave behind.

God take care of Freddy - see you in heaven.

Javier Diaz and Family