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Linda Escobar 
Corpus Christi, Texas
Monday, 16. October 2006 13:08 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Freddie was a great musician and friend! I met him on my 8th birthday when I was on tour with my father, Eligio, in Phoenix, Arizona. Since that first time, he captured my heart with his beautiful smile and unique great voice! Later, we (Kenji & I) were his guests at one of his shows in El Paso and he treated us like royalty. Freddie helped my dad record his very first record "South of the Border" in San Benito and for that, I owe him! God bless his family during this difficult time; our prayers are with you! Thank you, Freddie, for all your music and for your friendship. We will miss you deeply! Vava con dios, amigo de mi alma!