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Gari Ann Coats Meisenholder 
Houston, TX
Saturday, 14. October 2006 23:50 Host: Write a comment


I am a fan, who loves his music since I was very little, and grew up with his music. My uncle Art, who is also hispanic, used to sing his songs all the time to me when I was little, and that was before my uncle started his own band later on. I also recently started singing in the privacy of my own home, but it was only kareoke singing and I would sing the 2 songs that were very popular from Freddy Fender. I may not be a pro with my singing, but I can go on singing and practicing "Waisted Days And Waisted Nights," and "Before The Teardrops Fall." I believe that he is with God, and I pray, in Jesus' name, that his family and friends may be comforted and healed. Amen

With lots of love for Freddy Fender and family and friends, you have my sympathies. May God bless every one...

Gari Ann (Coats) Meisenholder (Born: Battle Creek, Michigan)I am 37.