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manny gutierrez 
baker city or
Monday, 16. October 2006 15:49 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

as a young musician growing uo in sacramento ca , i heard freddy fender 's wasted days and before the next teardrop falls, man i was totally infacuated with mr. fender's style and voice, i made up my mind that i wanted to sing like freddy and his music was my inspiration. now over 40 years later i still sing before the next teardrop falls and wasted days and wasted nights with all my heart. i still had an 8 track tape i wore out in my 58 chevy. freddy you were a powerful difference in my life ,that turned my world to music instead of negative ways. thank you freddy and please say hi to my mother and sister you'll know them , they were also big fans of yours, when ever i played at music events my mom would tell everyonr there, that's my son! she was very proud pf me when i sang your songs freddy.. rest in peace my dear primo.. manuel huerta gutierrez baker city or