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Ray M. Gonzales Jr. 
Fresno, Ca.
Tuesday, 17. October 2006 00:06 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

To the Familia De Baldemar, May it bring strength and comfort to You all that there are so many People around the World who would like to hold your hand to bring comfort in this time of sorrow. I also along with many of My Family are from San Benito, Tx. I remember meeting Your Family when I was a child, My Father would take Me to your house and take me to the shows. I remember especially one time when You all came to Magic Mountain here in California. Dad would tell me of times He and Freddy spent in their younger years. Freddy remembered my Granfather (a.k.a. Wimpy) and would share stories. Now My Grandfather has also passed 02/29/04, but I have fond memories. May the memories of good times sustain You all Forever. Love and Concern, RMG Jr.